DIY Christmas Ornaments

Come see how I made my own version of a high end ornaments for a fraction of the cost! This is such an easy DIY and can even get the kids involved!!

We ended up finding the clear plastic ornaments a Hobby lobby as well as the paint. You can also find at Michaels or any craft store.

Prepare your ornaments by removing the top and we ended up doing 1 coat and let it dry and then on the second coat while it was still wet, we added flour ( yes from the kitchen) and let it dry like that.

Once it was dry we then took a soft brush and brushed off the remaining flour.

We also did some where we mixed the paint with baking powder to do more of a chalk paint finish. I preferred the flour ones best!! They look so high end and ended up being super cheap.

You can also you the old ornaments you don’t like and just paint over them and so the same thing.

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

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