DIY McGee and Co Gaelan Bed

One of my favorite builds to date!!

Back in the Spring I decided I wanted to re-do the Primary bedroom and started looking for a new bed. Once I found the Gaelan bed from McGee company, I knew it was way outside my price range so like I always do, I started picking apart the structure to re-do myself. My sister and I have always found it so fun to try to figure our cheaper ways to build things for our homes.

We Started by cutting down a sheet of 3/4 plywood into strips that were 12″ -4 total for the base

The headboard was a little tricker, each panel I cut down 48″ tall by 17″ wide and I had 4 of those as well

After we cut everything down to the right size, we took foam and cut it to fit and batting and covered each piece with the Crypton fabric from Hobby Lobby.

The Headboard was constructed of 1×3’s. They are cut to 78″ tall and 81 1/2 long and I ran another 1×3 at the 48″ mark to attach the 17″ panels to.

I then attached the panels to the 1×3’s leaving 3″ on each side to make the fabric straps

For the strips that go from the side to behind the panels they are around 5″ so I have fabric to staple

For this part I folded fabric and stapled it to the 1×3 and then behind the 17″ panels

Let me know if you have any questions!!

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