New Brand Service!

I am super excited about this new introductory brand package. As I was getting all my packages set for the new website, I really felt a need for women who are so ready to start their business or maybe still not able to go full time, but would love a great Brand to start out.

Having a brand that people will recognize and that makes your business look professional and legit will really help moving forward. I am offering only a couple spots a month for this package so that I can continue with my other work load.

Branding and Web Designer for Creative Entrepreneurs

Are you new to your business and maybe aren’t quite ready for the Full Brand and Strategy package or maybe you already have a solid grasp of your brand strategy and just need the branding, this is a great option for you.

We will create a primary logo, secondary logo, icon, and brand pattern as well as a color palette, including all the color values, as well as font pairings, and a guide that tells you how to use each one.

check out our services page to get more info

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