Pinterest in a Day Intensive

How does Pinterest in a Day work?

-2 weeks prior to your chosen date, you will fill out the questionnaire and book your date.

-I then start on your strategy and ways to optimize your pinterest account including your bio and boards.

-I then choose keywords and content to make your pins catch your ideal clients attention.

-On the day of your intensive, I start by plugging in all the Keywords and descriptions into your boards and pins. 

-Dont worry I create a video for you to have to show exactly what to do when you take over so that yo ufeel confident moving forward managing your own Pinterest.

-The great news is it should take you an hour a week to keep up with your Pinterest, not days!

-Once I hand over the video and your new and improved Pinterest account, you have 30 days of access for any questions that might come up.

Who does this help?

The entrepreneur that wants to me on Pinterest and understand the importance, but is lost when it comes to the setup for optimization. This is a day of strategy that will have you ready to hit the ground running with you NEW and improved Pinterest account

Afraid you don’t have the time for the upkeep… dont worry with this process you will need 1 hour a week to grow your pinterest and have it looking like you paid for a Pinterest Manager!

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Reasons to purchase Pinterest in a Day Intensive

  1. Quickly get set up to start seeing results
  2. Easy to Follow video for you to DIY your pinterest and keep it consistent
  3. Have Keywords at your fingertips to use over and over
  4. Templates in canva to be able to recreate pins that are appealing 
  5. Save yourself time and money 

Did you know… Pinterest Pins are working even when you are asleep. They stay around for years not days or even minutes like social media

Just One day

We teach you everything you will need to know and to scale your business using Pinterest. All within a day. If you’re not quite ready to outsource marketing, but you need help building a strong foundation and developing custom growth strategy and knowledge to implement it, this is for you!  

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