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A gift just for you

After realizing so many businesses are built off of referrals, I realized that I wanted to be able to pay it forward to the people who love helping me out, so what better way then a referral program.

We have set up a brand and web design referral program to help promote our custom design services. If you refer someone to Ashley K Mills Creative Co., and it results in a design project you will receive a 15% referral credit applied to your account, or 10% in cash! It’s that simple. It is my thanks to you because I really appreciate you.

So let’s go over this again, real quick!

You refer me a branding and/or web design client. Let’s say that they sign up for a $5,000 package. Then you can either get $500 cash or a $750 credit towards your own project.

You can save up referral money so you can get your own branding materials or your website.  Here’s a list of my services and packages! Or you can pocket it, and go spend it at Target or Home Goods. The choice is yours.


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